Smoke Tree Stables

A visit to Smoke Tree Ranch is enhanced by an enjoyable morning or afternoon at Smoke Tree Stables, located on the southwest corner of our Ranch property. K.C. Johnson and his experienced wranglers will match you to the best horse for your riding level, and they will lead you on the tour of your choice. For your convenience, riding charges may be placed on your Smoke Tree Ranch account, and we are happy to prepare Ranch box lunches. Riding packages include:

One Hour Trail Ride

This one-hour ride takes you along the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Murray Canyon Haul Ride

The Stables trailer the horses into the beautiful, scenic Indian Canyons for a one hour and forty-minute ride from Andreas Canyon to Murray Canyon, along streams and native Palm Groves.

Private Guided Rides

By appointment, wranglers will bring horses to meet you or your group for a more one-on-one experience, allowing you to take advantage of the scenery or ride all day if you like. The canyons are more beautiful the deeper into them you go. Please call 760-327-1371 to book your private ride. Bookings available by phone only.

Ride the Ranch

By special arrangement, a friendly wrangler will bring horses to you so that you can saddle up and enjoy a one-hour ride around Smoke Tree Ranch. This ride requires a minimum of five people.


For Current Ride Times, Pricing, and Reservations, or additional information about the Stables, call (760) 327-1372 or visit their web site at